Simple Procedure for Jummah at Home

Assalamu Alaikom,
I hope you and your family are safe and sound. The following are few guidelines from Imam Saeed Qureshi on how to perform Jummah at home in few simple steps. A minimum of 4 adults with at least 2 males are required.
You may listen to Any speech on Friday but Jumah Khutbah & Salah should be in person where Imam is delivering Khutbah & leading Jumah Salah.
(1) The whole family may get together in a clean appropriate place after time for Zuhr starts.
(2) One person calls first Adhan.
(3) Do your sunnah.
(4) The person, who will be leading Jumah sit on a chair facing other people, his back would be towards Qiblah.
(5) One person calls second Adhan.
(6) Imam would stand up, recite beginning of Surah Al-Fatihah & Recite یا ایہاالذین آمنواتقواللہ حق تقاتہ۔
(7) IMAM sit down on the chair for a few moments.
(8) IMAM Stands up for 2nd Khutbah, recite the beginning of Al-Fatihah again & recite یایہالذین آمنوا صلوا علیہ وسلموا تسلیما۔
(9) Recite drud & any dua, any supplication you know.
(10) IMAM Goes to prayer mat.
(11) One person calls Iqamah.
(12) IMAM leads 2 rakah.
(13) Make dua.
(14) Pray the rest of sunnah.
Your Jumah is complete. Al-Hamdu LiAllah.