Sunday School

October 23rd, 2017

Welcome to Darul Islah 2016-2017 Sunday School Year!

Darul Islah Sunday School Registration starts this Friday Aug 4th from 10AM on the Lower Floor Expansion area and Admin Office on the lower floor area by the sisters’ side.

Registration Times

  • Monday – Thursday: 10AM – 2PM (1st Floor Office)
  • Friday: 10AM – 2 PM (1st Floor Office)
  • Saturday: 1PM – 3PM (2nd Floor Expansion Area)
  • Sunday: 11am – 2 PM (2nd Floor Expansion Area)

Click here for Sunday School Registration Form.

Sunday School program is designed to provide Islamic education to the children from age 5 to 16+. The School runs every Sunday from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Sunday school usually have enrollment of over 200 students. We have more than 30 qualified teachers. There are separate classes for boys and girls starting from 3rd Grade. The KG to 2nd grades is taught by Sisters only. The curriculum is based on the student age and grade, it includes topics such as:

  • Quranic Reading, Recitation and Tafseer
  • Aqeedah (Faith), Ibadat and Ikhlaq (Manners)
  • Stories of Prophets
  • Islamic History
  • Dawah and Comparative Religions
  • Contemporary Muslim Challenges
  • Current Youth Issues

For questions regarding Sunday School, please contact Br. Mazher Usmani at (973) 441-7225 or email at

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Brothers Teaching Schedule 2017-2018

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Sunday School Calendar 2017-2018

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