Sunday School

Welcome to Darul Islah 2021 – 2022 Sunday School Year!

In-Person Sunday School Opens September 12, 2021 

Sunday School Registration for the academic year 2021-2022 is now open.  Please fill the “Online Registration Form 2021-2022” and make a payment through the link listed in the form. Call office at 201-692-7730 for more information.

Sunday School program is designed to provide Islamic Education to children from ages 5 to 16.  Alhamdulillah we are back in person starting September 12, 2021.  The new time for Sunday school classes is 10:00am – 1:00pm every Sunday.  Lunch break has been shortened with the new time of 11:35am -12:05pm. We encourage parents to send lunch and water/drinks from home. Water fountains will be closed to minimize the spread of COVID.  The curriculum is based on the student’s age and grade, and includes topics such as:

  • Aqeedah (Faith), Ibadat and Ikhlaq (Manners)
  • Stories of Prophets
  • Islamic History
  • Dawah and Comparative Religions
  • Contemporary Muslim Challenges
  • Current Youth Issues

For questions regarding Sunday School, please contact the office during M-F (10 am – 4 pm) at 201-692-7730 ext 1 or email at