Special Needs Saturday School

Special Needs Masjid

Vision Statement

To create environment in which educate and cater to individuals with special needs.

Mission Statement

To provide a safe and welcoming environment to individuals with special needs. Planting the seed of love for Allah and Islam and love for the Masjid


Darul Islah is partnering with MUSHEN and started working to establish a special needs weekend program.   ‘MHSEN’ Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs, certifies Masajid which work towards accommodating special needs community members.

We would like to know the requirements of Special Need Families in our community. If you have a family member with Special Needs please reach-out to education@darulislah.org.   Darul Islah is currently equipped with the following facilities to serves people with special needs.

  • Facility parking lot with dedicated special needs spots
  • Main entrance ramp to accommodate easy access for wheelchairs
  • Facility bathrooms to accommodate wheelchairs access
  • Back Hall floors can accommodate easy wheelchair rolling
  • Elevator service for wheelchair access for upper floor hall and classrooms
  • Special Needs Saturday School (Program under development)

Br. Mohamed Abbasi Khutba on Serving People with Special Needs

MUHSEN Needs Assessment Survey


Muslim Understanding & Helping Special Education Needs

Click here for MUHSEN Needs Assessment Survey

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Special Needs Saturday School


In the Special Needs Saturday school we use therapeutic methods unique for each and every student to make sure what we teach stays in their long-term memory. Utilizing sight words and the multiplication table to help and stay with the students for life. All students learning and memorizing will be adjusted according to each student’s abilities. there will be many one-on-one sessions with students and teachers to insure that they are learning the best they can. Each lesson will incorporate, different learning styles such as, visual learning, auditory learning, and tactile learning. Theses styles assist when teaching students who are sensitive with their speech ability. At the Special Needs Saturday School we always integrate occupational, physical and speech therapy into every lesson that is taught.

Throughout the year, our lesson plans will include a Dua and a Hadith of the week. A monthly theme that focuses on a set of words, letters, prophets and songs for each child. We begin our Quranic memorization with the end of Juz Amma and Ayat Al-Kursi and we move up to the following Surahs. Our Islamic Studies focuses on our beliefs, our manners and our characteristics as Muslims. We teach our students a lot about Salah and Wudu. consisting with a full concentration on the Love of Allah and the Islamic Identity. We accomplish that by using Quranic stories and using selected Prophet stories. All students graduate the year with learning all their Arabic Alphabets and learning to read. At the end, our goal is to instill the love of Allah in the kids’ hearts The goal of this program is to instill the love of Allah, Islam, and the Masjid in the students’ hearts. We want them to build a love for learning about Islam and attending the Masjid.


We use therapeutic methods to make sure what we teach stays in their long-term memory. Learning and memorizing will be adjusted according to each student’s abilities. We want to make sure no students are being held back nor rushed into learning things they are not ready for. Each student has their own pace, and we work hard to understand each student’s ability. We use fun approaches to reaffirm everything each student learns each day such as: Monthly Themes Duaa of the week Hadith of the week We utilize the simple but useful techniques of memorization for all subjects and areas taught. Teaching memorization needs to be adjusted to fit each student’s speech ability. We work with all learning styles such as: Visual Auditory Social Physical/Sensory Verbal We integrate occupational, physical, and speech therapy into every lesson to keep the students in focus.

Academic Plan


We start with the last surahs of the Quraan and work our way up. We have group Quraan sessions in which we recite all of the previously learned surahs as well as one-on-one sessions in which we learn new surahs. We go into the translation of the surahs and when they were sent to us.

Islamic studies

We show, instruct, sing to the students the steps of wudu and we explain why it is important for each salah. We show and instruct the student about the steps of salah and take them to the masjid to pray with them. We teach them how important salah is in their lives and the benefits of each salah. We work to teach them that Allah is always there and He is always watching. We want to teach them that no matter what we go through, Allah is there to help us as long as we call on Him. Akhlaq (manners) is a huge part of being a good Muslim. We teach them that respecting each other, respecting teachers, respecting parents, and respecting themselves is the most important thing about being a Muslim. We go over stories of the prophets to show the manners they had and how we should follow.


We deeply concentrate on the love of Allah and the love of their Islamic identity We read Quranic stories We select stories of the Prophets and have special, hands on projects in which we aim to affirm the stories that we introduce


We teach the students a number of Arabic alphabets every class including the sounds and shapes. We affirm these lessons by giving each letter an identity and words that begin with that letter. Once a student comprehends and completes the alphabet, we continue to combining letters to make words and then we introduce the vowel marks (aa, uu, ee). The final goal is to have the students writing their own names and simple everyday words in Arabic.

Prepared by: Fatina K. Habehh MSW