Islam rejects all forms of extremism as a matter of principle. This includes extremism of all kinds, embraced by any individual: in ideology, in practice and in action. Manifestations of extremism, especially violence, particularly against innocent people, are also abhorred. Any individual, Muslim or non Muslim, choosing to engage in violence against innocent people is a criminal.

Bigotry of any kind, by or against Muslim or non-Muslim, is unacceptable. It is in clear contradiction to the Quran and to the Prophetic tradition. Islam calls for equality, social justice and respect for all human life.

Islamophobia and extremism are two ugly faces of the same coin. One begets the other, and creates a vicious cycle that can only be broken by engaging the Muslim community. Vilifying an entire group of people breeds extremism.

Darul Islah and its community adheres to the teachings of Islam as mentioned above and rejects anything contrary to its teachings.