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Sunday School & Hifz Academy Registration

September 7th, 2017

Darul Islah Sunday School & Hifz Academy Registrations are open now.

Sunday School Registration Times

  • Monday – Thursday: 10AM – 2PM (1st Floor Office)
  • Friday: 10AM – 2 PM (1st Floor Office)
  • Saturday: 1PM – 3PM (2nd Floor Expansion Area)
  • Sunday: 11AM – 2PM (2nd Floor Expansion Area)

Click here for Sunday School Registration Form

Email to Sunday.School@darulislah.org

Hifz Academy Registration

Click here for Hifz Academy Registration

Email to director.schools@darulislah.org

You can also call Darul Islah Schools directly @ (201) 692-7730 extension 4 or send an email to education@darulislah.org

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