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Perform Jumah in Congregation at Home

Assalamu Alaikom, Please check the following simple instructions on how to perform Jumah prayer in Click for instructions of praying Jumah in congregation at home.

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Halaqa/Tajweed and Dua for Brothers and Sisters (Online/Remote)

السلام عليك Now you can join Sh Waleed Elbatrawish Wednesday 8:00 PM for Short Khairan and Duaa Friday 8:00 PM for Brothers Tajweed class Saturday 8:00 PM…

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Simple Procedure for Jummah at Home

Assalamu Alaikom, I hope you and your family are safe and sound. The following are few guidelines from Imam Saeed Qureshi on how to perform…

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All activities cancelled Including prayers

All activities including regular prayers are cancelled. Please review the attached letter for more details.  

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Darul Islah’s Premises Closed Until Further Notice

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Friday Prayer and Weekend Activities Cancelled

Friday Prayers are cancelled at the request of Teaneck Township.  Please pray Duhr prayers at home. Khutbah & Salah by Imam Saeed Qureshi at 1:25…

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Ramadan & Eid Ul Fitr Announcement

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Parents Night – presented by YM Brothers & YM Sisters

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Annual Fundraising Dinner Feb 29, 2020

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Special Needs Program Admission- March 7th (10 AM – 1:30 PM)

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